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It is a set of small words or phrases that explain the features and benefits of a product. Product description writing helps in creating a unique selling proposition. Today, online marketers have to work really hard to sell products on the World Wide Web because there are so many companies selling similar products.


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    A well-written product description can tell readers why they should buy a particular item right away rather than going through the torture of looking for one more piece of information via another website or by buying some other product.

    They also show your customers how it will make them feel once they own it. If you write great product descriptions, you can definitely attract more customers.

    10 reasons why you should hire us:

    1. We believe in 100% satisfaction of customers

    2. Affordable Rates

    3. Online Customer Support 24/7

    5. Timely delivery guaranteed

    6. Flexible content with SEO focus

    7. Expertise in various domains

    8. Manually writing each description

    9. Guaranteed unique content

    10. Unlimited Revisions

    Process of Our Product Description Writing:

    Step 1: Understand your product and customer

    We know that we offer you the best service to our customers. Through this process we get the idea of your demands and requirement then we proceed with further steps.

    Step 2: Brainstorming and Drafting Content

    Brainstorming is done by an expert content writer along with client to understand what features and benefits you expect from us. Once we get idea, we proceed with the draft of content.

    Step 3: Content Review and Revision

    When the draft is completed, we share it with client for revision or correction. All the information should be according to your demand so that you can get satisfied content in end.

    Step 4: Content Implementation and Final Draft

    After getting satisfied content from customer we implement it and send the final draft. All the content is developed within 1-2 days. We follow 5 step strategy while writing product descriptions:

    • Tell a story
    • Focus on benefits
    • Keep it short and sweet
    • Use targeted keywords and phrases
    • Make it easy to scan

    Step 5: Final Proofreading and Making Corrections

    Before delivery, we do proofreading and make corrections if required. You should always proofread your product descriptions before you publish them on your website.

    So, now it is clear that hiring us is a great idea as we have expert content writers who can help you in creating a unique selling proposition for your business. Contact us today to know more about our services and rates!

    What kind of Businesses needs product description?

    Before starting the process of product description writing, you should know what kind of business needs product description. Here is an example that tells you which type of business needs it?

    1. Every business that wants to sell their products on the internet

    2. E-commerce website owner who’s selling their products online

    3. Professional blog owners who post reviews about the different kinds of brands and services

    4. Product owners or inventors who want to describe their new invention ideas through text

    Product Description Writing Services

    Our writer fee starts from only 13 USD for 1000 words product description so what are you waiting for? Place your order right away!

    We can say this is a very basic thing but still not all the clients know how they get the benefit from these small descriptions? If you are one among them then here we go with some points:

    Points for Businesses :

    1. More descriptions = more opportunity to sell your products.

    2. Detailed product description can help you to provide all the information that the customer is looking for.

    3. High-quality content written by a professional writer can increase your ranking on the Search engine page.

    4. More product views and clicks on website will definitely increase traffic.

    5. Product description creates brand value.

    Points for Customers:

    1. Increases trust among customers as you are providing all necessary information about what they exactly want to buy.

    2. It gives an idea about the product range in your store, which helps users choose what they actually need.

    3. You can make a better decision after reading high-quality content rather than checking dozens of websites.

    4. Easily share your product among friends and social circles which increases traffic to your site.

    SEO Product Description Writing Services

    The advantages of using our service:

    1. We believe in quality writing, not quantity.

    2. All content is checked by a team of editors before sending it to the customer.

    3. Each article contains at least 500 words with 300-350 words describing the features and 100-150 words describing the benefits.

    4. Content is SEO optimized with proper use of keywords and phrases throughout the article.

    5. Unlimited revisions until the client gets completely satisfied with the content.

    6. Money-Back Guarantee! If we fail to complete work on time, we offer a full refund!

    Our writer fee starts from only 13 USD for 1000 words product description so what are you waiting for? Place your order right away!

    Frequently Asked Questions About Product Description Writing Service:

    For better results, we need some more information about the product depending upon the type of product it is, for e.g., If you’re a new invention idea then you just need to provide us name and images of that product if any but if you’re selling a product in the market then you need to provide us some more including:

    1. Product name

    2. Images of that product

    3. Product features

    4. Product benefits

    5. Price range of that product in different markets all over the globe so we can write unique content for each market if required

    6. Additional information which is very important for customers to have a clear idea about the product before buying it

    7. Any other relevant information or requirements from your side will be helpful for us to write good quality content in order to meet your needs exactly the way you’re looking for! Send us an email and let’s start working together! We’re looking forward to hearing from you!!

    All our articles are written by professional writers who have years of experience in writing SEO-friendly content. No matter, what topic you want the article to be written on, we guarantee 100% unique and high-quality content without using any software or online generators. We use proper research methods before starting a new project which includes:

    1. Keyword Research: Using a number of tools to find out exactly what people are searching for related to your topic.

    2. Competitor Analysis up on how much content is already available on the internet about your topic and then create something extraordinary!

    3. In-depth Analysis helps us gather all the information needed to write about a specific topic in a proper manner.

    We have a team of editors who thoroughly check all the articles for any type of errors before delivering them to you so you can be sure that your content is unique and perfect!

    Our professional writers are from various backgrounds, disciplines, and industries. We have students, teachers, business managers, marketing specialists, etc working with us on a part-time or full-time basis as content writers! They’re passionate about what they do and know how to use their skills to impress our clients beyond their expectations.

    This product description writing service has three different plans available depending upon your needs: Standard Plan- $13/500 words, Premium Plan- $26/500 words, and Premier Plan- $52/500 words.

    We have employed professional writers who are experts in the field with years of experience in writing for article submission websites. They know how to use their skills to impress our clients beyond their expectations.

    We are open for communication 24/7 so feel free to reach out to us anytime if you need our help! Place your order right now by filling up the form given on-site! Check out our latest price list and place your order to hire our exclusive blog writing service today!