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SEO Strategies For Small Businesses – Updated for 2022

SEO is the best way for small businesses to get an edge over their competitors. When it comes to SEO strategies, many people think big SEO sources are necessary for doing SEO right. Although that could be true in some cases, it is not always true. You can do local SEO without spending much on SEO agencies.

Today, I will show you how SEO strategies for small businesses work and what your company needs to move forward in the world of digital marketing!

Defining The Scope Of Your Business:

First things first, when you start any SEO campaign in 2021 you need to think about your business goals. Using SEO without thinking about why or how it fits into your business strategy will only leave you confused and frustrated.

When answering the question – why do I need SEO? – think about your business goals and how it is necessary for achieving them. If you want to grow, local SEO strategies are a must!

If your goal is to rank higher in search results and increase conversions, SEO agency Toronto will help you with that. Keep in mind that SEO takes time so when starting an SEO campaign always have some patience ready [link back to SEO/search engine optimization].


Do guestographics when doing SEO strategies for small businesses. Guestographics is a guest blogging strategy where write content on relevant blogs with high domain authority (DA) and get real link juice from those websites.

Guestographics is an SEO strategy that helps you build real links, build backlinks for your website but at the same time you target a relevant audience. That way you get more traffic which leads to conversions and if all goes well increased revenues!

Repurposing Content (Content Marketing):

The best SEO strategies for small businesses often involve repurposed content. Repurposing means taking one piece of content and changing it into multiple pieces of content. The idea behind the SEO strategy is that giving people different formats for consuming your information provides you with opportunities to attract their attention.

Repurposing Content With Visual Media:

People like visuals, especially when they are looking for information on Google SERP’s or via Twitter feeds.

One very important thing to remember is that repurposing content also includes visual media. When doing SEO strategies for small businesses, it’s crucial to consider the different ways people consume information; whether they are looking for something on search engines or social media sites like Facebook or Pinterest.

Another critical point to realize is that consumers like videos, infographics, and presentations (PowerPoints). YouTube is also one of the most visited websites in the world! So when doing SEO strategies for small business companies, don’t forget about these facts!

Mediums To Repurpose Content For:

When you begin doing SEO strategies for small businesses, always know which mediums you can use to repurpose your content. Is it a written blog post, a video on YouTube, or an infographic?


If you can’t create an original piece of content such as a written blog post, your next best option is to produce videos for SEO strategies for small businesses. That’s what many SEO agencies in Toronto do! There are numerous reasons why videos are the only SEO strategy that has seen over 400% increase in traffic over the last few years.

– Videos show up higher in Google SERP’s

– Video SEO is getting more and more important every day because social media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest prefer showing video SEO to users instead of any other type of SEO.

Reasons Why To Use Videos For Your Marketing Campaigns:

– When you get a video SEO strategy then your website/company ranking will grow faster in Google Rankings

– You can get more free organic traffic from YouTube and other social media sites when you use videos for SEO strategies for small businesses.

– Videos help to convert leads into sales


When doing SEO strategies for small businesses and companies is time and money are always an issue, infographics are the best SEO tactic because they take less time than writing blog posts or making videos.

That’s why when doing SEO strategy it is also good to develop an infographic that is designed specifically for sharing on social media. When using infographics you need to remember that people like things they can share with their social circles so try not to make an infographic that is too complicated or has a lot of information.

On the other hand, you also want to avoid infographics that are too generic and don’t contain any information. You need to remember that infographics are really about conveying an idea or story, so it is important not to make something too cheesy.

Local SEO Strategies:

When doing SEO strategies for SEO companies in Toronto, one of the best SEO techniques for local SEO is to use local keywords! Google My Business can help you identify keywords related to your business.

As far as SEO goes, it’s a great way to get more visibility on Google since those results have a better chance of showing up on top of organic search results.

In conclusion when developing SEO strategies for small businesses you should always consider video SEO and infographic SEO as some of the best SEO strategies out there! When using these two SEO techniques, you also need to think of local SEO. So just follow these SEO strategies for small businesses and your business will be on its way to the top!

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