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Has your website always been healthy?

Do you know how many people visited your website? How much time do they spend on specific pages? Do you know what visitors do once they are inside the site and where they come from? What keywords did they use to search led them to your site? 

If not, then it’s high time for you to contact Hasty Rank. We’ll help you take a look under the hood of your website so you can see what works and what doesn’t work


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    Here is why companies need the professional website audit service of webmasters:

    1. You don’t have enough insights into users’ behavior.

    2. Your Digital Marketing campaign needs improvement.

    3. Your internal team wants to focus on core business (and let professionals handle SEO, social media marketing, etc).

    4. You want to bring your website up-to-date (in terms of design, content, usability) and make it perform better.

    What can webmasters do for website audit services?

    We (Hasty Rank) can provide you with more insights into users’ behavior by giving you actionable advice that will help improve your website’s performance over time. We’ll use advanced tools to crawl through the backend of your site and see what’s working and what’s not.

    We’ll also suggest how to fix issues if any are found. Finally, we’ll give some general recommendations for future improvement so you can take action on our advice right away or later on. After all, websites are always under development!

    What makes Hasty Rank different from other SEO companies?

    Hasty Rank is a digital agency but our main specialization is website audit. We perform crawl through the website just like Google does and see what’s going on behind the scenes. This way, we can come up with insights that will help you improve your site performance over time.

    What makes us different from competitors is that we use an advanced approach so you get actionable advice and recommendations to take advantage of right away or later on. After all, websites are always under development!

    Process of our website audit service:

    1. We’ll perform a thorough audit and send you a report of what we find (in terms we both understand; we’ll explain various aspects of website performance).

    2. We encourage you to ask as many questions as you like–we’re all about communication, understanding your needs, and making sure that the job gets done the way it should be.

    3. Once our conversation is over, we sit down with our developers and come up with solutions for problems that were found during the website audit service.

    Things we analyze to audit a website:

    1. General information: we’ll check if the contact information is complete and whether or not they have a privacy policy.

    2. Content: we’ll check for content duplicity, understand what kind of content they publish and how often, and whether they attract an audience that has commercial intent (prospects).

    3. Links: broken links are a sign of bad website structure which can lead to poor user experience over time.

    4. SEO titles & meta descriptions: You should always use keywords on these pages because that’s where Google looks first when crawling your site. Using good keywords for titles & meta tags will give you more opportunities to rank higher in search results while attracting high-quality traffic from targeted keywords.

    5. On-page SEO: We’ll look at internal & external links, HTML structure, headings tags (H1, H2…), etc.

    6. Mobile readiness: Most people are now browsing the web from mobile devices so if your website isn’t mobile-friendly, you might be missing out on potential customers.

    7. Usability testing: how easy is it for users to accomplish the tasks they set out to do? If there are difficulties, we can identify them and help you fix them.  

    8. JS errors: It means that something went wrong when the page was loaded in a browser or smartphone/tablet’s web viewer which can cause slower site performance over time as well as other technical problems further down the line.    

    9. Security: Is your website secure? What protocols are they using? We’ll let you know if it’s safe or not!

    Now that you’re aware of what makes the best website audit service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us for more information about how we can help you move your online business forward.

    Don’t forget to check our portfolio to see some examples of previous audits and recommendations we gave clients based on those audits!

    Website Audit Service Pricing:

    Our website audit service starts at $299 per site. If you’re interested, please get in touch with us either through the form on our website or by calling us at +8801632940700. We’ll send you a detailed proposal for your consideration!

    ​​What to expect after the audit is over:

    1. We’ll send you a report of what we found based on your questions and concerns

    2. Our developers will tell us whether or not they can fix things if possible, i.e., how long it might take. If something is beyond our control, we’ll let you know right away so there are no surprises later down the line.

    Sometimes problems require more time and research than others! We want to be as transparent about that as possible because trust is an important part of our relationship with clients!   

    3. After the discussion with developers, we’ll propose strategies for the next steps which could include fixing technical problems as well as strengthening your online presence.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Website Audit Service:

    A website audit includes basic SEO recommendations, HTML code and JS code analysis, mobile-friendliness testing, accessibility check (to make sure everyone can use it), and more! We’ll also recommend content changes you could make based on the results of our audits and we’ll let you know if there are any technical problems that need to be taken care of. Nothing else!

    Well, there’s no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes down to websites! Plus, with fresh eyes, we’re able to notice things that might seem like second nature to people who work on your website every day. Plus, human error always exists so it’s good to let someone else do the heavy lifting every once in a while!

    We’ll need your website login details so we can access the site’s admin panel. We’ll also want some information about what industry your business is in, what are some specific things you’re looking for help with on your website & why, etc.

    Different websites have different requirements so it depends on each one of them! Generally speaking, the process takes 1-3 weeks depending on how soon we get all of the information needed to properly evaluate your site and its requirements.   

    Is there a limit as to how many sites I can order a website audit service for?

    No, you can order an unlimited amount of audits for as many sites as you want!

    Every website is different and every audit we give is unique, so this also depends on your specific needs and requirements. Generally speaking though, at least 10 comprehensive recommendations that cover all aspects of the site including technical errors, content changes that need to be made based on SEO requirements/standards/guidelines and analytics findings from our audits! You literally can’t find a better website audit service in terms of comprehensiveness and value for money!

    In addition to a list of what we found wrong with your site(s), you’ll also receive a list of detailed standards that should be adhered to, recommendations for any content changes that might be needed based on the audit results, etc. This way you can rest assured that all your bases are covered and you don’t need to worry about anything!

    Well, if you’re not sure yourself then it’s never a bad idea to have it checked out by people who really know what they’re doing, rather than trying to guess or assume things from your end.

    We’ll provide detailed feedback after we’ve completed our analysis and will also let you know whether or not technical changes need to be made as per SEO best practices! In most cases, though websites need audits at least once every couple of months in order to stay updated and relevant!

    Hasty Rank is an internationally recognized SEO agency specializing in site audits with a team of experienced consultants who live and breathe all things search marketing-related. Our company has been providing webmasters with high-quality website audit services since 2018.

    We’ve helped many companies improve their presence on the web by applying expert advice and monetizing their traffic. At Hasty Rank, we’re all about communication and keeping our clients satisfied. That’s why we love providing a website audit service!