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Creative Link Building Strategies – 2022 Proven Guide

Link building is one of the essential things in SEO. Even if you’re not looking for link quantity, it matters. Link juice flows from high-quality sites to low-quality sites much better than vice versa.

A link can be anything that might appear on a search engine results page (SERP). It could be an image, a video, a product link, or even a social media link. The goal is simple: position your link as much as possible in front of the user who’s looking for your website.

Let’s start learning the Creative Link Building Strategies, the 2022 Proven Guide.

Once again, it doesn’t matter what type of link you are trying to build, but just that it counts towards moving up SERPs. Some link types depend more than others, so it’s good to know them all. It can be linked from a high page rank website or link from a relevant blog, as the most important thing is to have link juice flowing from it.

The types of link building:

– Social media link building

As social sites have gone mainstream, they’ve also added features that help with link building. Platforms like Twitter and YouTube allow users to link out to external sites, which gives those links a bit of a boost in the eyes of Google.

Just make sure you use nofollow on these links, so you don’t pass any link juice over to them. If you’re able to get influencers with large followings on your side, this could lead to great link opportunities for you. When sharing your content on social media, link to your website wherever possible.

– Directory link building

Directories are another link type that has held firm even in 2015. While many spammy directories have been targeted for link removal by Google, the ones remaining tend to hold incredible link value still.

If you can find a relevant directory that hasn’t been hit too hard with link spam, then getting listed on it could mean an instant boost to your rankings.

– Guest blogging on non-competitive websites

Many blog owners use guest blogging as a way for those who write for their sites and link back to themselves, and this is wrong. Linking back to yourself will give you instant link juice but linking out to high authority sites will keep Google happy! Choosing the right link partner also means the content you publish should offer value and not look like link bait.

You can create 80% of an article without mentioning or linking to your site until the end, where you can include a link with a solid anchor text pointing towards your site. To make it less spammy, try using the “recommended resources” link at the end of your link.

– Link reclamation

Link reclamation is a link-building tactic that involves searching for expired domains and taking over old link equity from them. By doing this, you can acquire a lot of link juice that has been built up over time by past link builders that no longer own those sites or hold those links today.

Finding abandoned or expired domains with solid link profiles is another good way to find link opportunities to build upon. Try using tools like Majestic, Ahrefs, and Open Site Explorer, as they can help with link identification and weeding out wrong links much more accessible than other tools.

– Broken link building

Broken link building is one of the most accessible link-building strategies to execute. People link out to external sites with great content all the time, but sometimes they make mistakes by linking to dead pages, or their site isn’t available anymore. If you notice this link-building opportunity, then it’s pretty easy to the point that the link is somewhere useful again.

With minimal effort, you can acquire link juice by pointing their broken or old link back towards your site. This tactic works best with link profiles that are smaller in size and aren’t spammy already because you’re essentially reporting broken links (and creating new ones in return). You can check out some excellent link-building tools like Linkmoses, Beaver Builder, and OutreachPlus, which can help you link reclamation and broken link building much easier and faster.

– Resource link building

Resource link building is another link-building technique that has been around for years and is still influential today. The idea behind it was to create a linkable resource page, like an FAQ section or a “related materials” area of your site that other sites would link to as a way of connecting back to your site.

This works exceptionally well if those links come from high DA or PA websites. You can then use these resource pages as link bait content by including links within the resource materials themselves. The more links built with this approach, the better, so keep adding and updating over time and seeing results will be much easier than just creating one link resource link.

– Link re-use link building

Link re-use link building is another link-building strategy used with link profiles of all sizes. This simply means finding older articles you may have published and later linking to them in newer posts or podcasts, videos, etc.

If someone sees the link, they may either ignore it (which most people do); however, some will click through to see what your content is about, which creates an opportunity for more links!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q1. How can link-building strategies help in link building?

A1: Link building and link reclamation help build links properly. These link-building strategies help you with creative link-building. These link-building strategies will not only build a good link profile but also strengthen the link profile of your website.

Q2. What is broken link building?

A2: Broken link building is a technique where webmasters find broken links on other websites and offer replacements for those links. It helps you get backlinks from sites with strong domain authority, allowing you link-building and link reclamation.

Q3. What is link building?

A3: Link building is a process that webmasters follow to get relevant sites to link their websites. It is the primary way search engines use to find quality websites on the internet. So link building strategy can directly help you grow your organic traffic for any website.

Q4. Which link rebuilding tool is best?

A4: You can choose any link rebuilding tool according to your requirement, but I recommend three link-building tools, which are the ultimate solution for link-reclamation, link-bait creation, and broken link building all at once! They are Linkmoses, Beaver Builder, and OutreachPlus. Just check them out!

I hope that the link-building strategies mentioned in the blog post will help you gain more links and improve your search ranking and organic traffic. Don’t hesitate to ask me about link-building strategies. If you have questions, please comment below so I can answer them!

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